Lucas was one of the many puppies born to one of the free-roaming females who live around the slaughterhouse in the farms south of Antigua. Most of these puppies grow up quite feral, making them very difficult to catch. Their ‘owner’ doesn’t want to give them to us to sterilized. But Lucas contracted a parasite that left him paralyzed and unable to stand up. So Francesca received a call to come get the pup.

Dr. Jim correctly diagnosed Lucas with a severe infestation of Toxoplasmosis. He got treatment in time, and the damage was completely reversed. Lucas quickly regained the use of his legs and today runs, jumps, and plays as though he’d never had a problem.

He was fostered with a big group of children in a children’s home, where he lived with a couple of sweet dogs. He is currently in a second foster home with a large number of dogs and does fine with the family and resident dogs. He is sweet, friendly and very affectionate with his familiar group of humans, but he is quite fearful of new people. He is especially afraid of men and takes quite a while to warm up to new men, so will need an experienced owner to manage introductions.

Lucas is now neutered, vaccinated and healthy. He is full grown at about 40 lbs.