Trouper was brought to us with a badly injured front leg on September 4th. The children who brought him said he’d been run over. He had what is termed a ‘de-gloving’ injury and the skin on his foreleg  had been almost completely torn off.

It wasn’t a fresh injury, so the damage was even more extensive, including contracture of his toes. We debated amputation with our local veterinarian, who recommended it.  But Trouper was only about four and a half months old, and we decided we’d try to save his leg if we could. Enter the fabulous Elizabeth Fernandez. She fosters for us and is also a nurse who is highly skilled in wound care. She had a stock of some pretty specialized dressings and medical grade honey. She took care of Trouper’s bandage changes and splinting for the first three weeks until she left Guatemala, and she taught us how to do them. She saved his leg.

Just over a month later, his leg is healing beautifully. He earned his name. He is the most patient, tolerant little pup while we work through the wound cleaning and re-dressing every second day. He is a fabulous puppy. He plays hard with his pal Blue and the big dogs in his foster home. He gets along fine with the cat and he loves his cuddles.

He is not yet neutered and will be available for adoption when his wound is fully healed.