If you crossed a fawn with a mule deer you might get a creature as cute as Fletcher!

This little pup is between 5 and 6 months old. He is a funny, talkative little pup who was smart enough to follow one of our big hearted team members home when she was walking her dogs in Antigua. He was pretty skinny and hungry, and of course he was full of parasites. He recovered quickly with some worming medication and a few days of good food.

He is now fully vaccinated, healthy, neutered and ready for a home of his own. His foster mom Keri is training his basic behaviours and he is doing great on all of them, including sleeping all night in a crate. He is great both off and on leash. He is really into training, and loves working for treats. He is probably not fully house trained yet, but is a clean pup and will go outside if put on a schedule and given access to go outside.

He is a talkative pup, and barks in excitement for the first few minutes of his walks. He will often bark at people or dogs he sees when driving in the car, and barks his greetings to his doggie pals when we go for off-leash romps. He will also sometimes bark at dogs on leashed walks. He stops pretty quickly once the initial thrill of seeing new stuff wears off.

Fletcher is super friendly and loves people and kids. He is a player and loves a good wrestle with his canine buddies big and small. He is a terrific, fun young pup.

This little guy will probably grow to be a mid-sized dog. He is about 26 lbs now, and seems a little longer rather than tall. He has a gorgeous reddish gold coat, smooth, short and shiny. And he has the most amazing, mobile ears. He also has the happiest and goofiest smile around.

Fletcher has developed some sound sensitivity and we have started him on some meds for this to hopefully help him feel better about the sounds that frighten him.

After several tests, we discovered that Fletcher has a liver shunt. This causes byproducts of digestion to circulate in his blood rather than be processed by his liver. He suffers from toxicity after he eats, which causes behavioral issues, among other things. The condition is not treatable or operable. He will live a shorter life; likely 2 to 3 years.

Keri, his rescuer and our board member has decided to foster Fletcher as long as he has a good quality of life, so he has found his furever home with her.




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