Midge was brought in by Jennifer Crist. She and a young male dog were hanging out at a boys orphanage in Ciudad Satellite that Jennifer is affiliated with. The dogs stayed around because there was a lot of free food available, however, they were being very badly treated by the children.

Midge is a small, short haired mix breed dog. She is dark gold in color with a blackish muzzle, and was in very poor condition when she came in, thin, with a rough, dry coat. She had obviously had many litters. She is about three years old. Sh is an extremely sweet dog-very affectionate, bonding quickly and easily to people, and good very natured.

She is a real favorite of ours. She is very affectionate and loving-a real cuddle bug. She is okay with other dogs (especially if they are older and calm), but would prefer to be an only dog. She is through her adolescent misbehavior and is a calm, easy going dog. She is not destructive and loves people. She loves to run and go for long walks, and is very obedient and stays near. She is just a terrific little dog.

Midge has an old, healed break on her right hind leg (femur). It was mid bone and did not involve any joints. She does not limp and appears to have no pain or mobility issues with it, and it is only noticeable as a slight bowing and thickening when viewed from behind.

Midge developed TVT or sticker tumors (A sexually transmitted form of venereal cancer common in un-sterilized dogs in Guatemala. Luckily, the condition is curable with a series of chemotherapy treatments administered intravenously over a month or two.  Once cured and sterilized, Midge was adopted locally.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.