Milo came to us as one of eight tiny, month old puppies we took in and hand raised. The pups were left at just two weeks of age in a cardboard box beside their mom who was tied to the door of a local veterinary clinic. The mom slipped away and was not seen again, and the clinic staff raised the fifteen-day old puppies to one month of age and gave them to us. This litter of pups was lovely. We had a terrific time making sure they were exposed to wonderful children, other nice dogs, and training them. They had an amazing puppy-hood, and when they were about three months old seven of the eight were adopted by wonderful families in the Bay Area and on Bainbridge Island.

Milo was adopted locally, but the adoption didn’t work out. Most puppies go through a destructive, teenage stage, and Milo was no exception. He is adopters did not want to work with him and returned him. Milo is back with us at the rescue and now doing great. He is super smart and very connected. We are training with him daily, and he is a spectacular two year old. Milo is affectionate, eager to please but suffers from anxiety and some fear issues. He is one of our all-time favourite dogs, and in the right home he would be amazing.