Pumpkin was found near the village of El Hato, just below our rescue. She was very clearly Piggy’s sister, and is a gorgeous grey puppy, one month old. She was found one day after Piggy came in to the rescue. She should by all rights still be with her momma and siblings, but Ronaldo found her in the middle of the road above the rescue. Like her sister the day before, she was all alone, with no a human or dog in sight. She was far, far too young to be out and about, and likely wouldn’t have lasted the night, so he brought her up to the rescue. We speculate that children picked her up and carried her away from her home before leaving her on the roadside.

Pumpkin was in relatively good condition-full of worms and loaded with fleas, of course, but she was eating well and settled immediately with her sister and the “hedgehog puppies”.

Pumpkin has growin into a stunningly beautiful dog. She is sweet and mellow. She has a congenital heart defect, and her heart is enlarged. Because of this weakness, she will likely live a shorter than normal life. Our vets believe that she will live between 4 and 6 years. Although she will likely not live as long as most dogs, she is not handicapped in any way in her daily life.

Pumpkin is now almost a year old, up to date on her vaccines, and has been spayed. She runs and plays like all the other dogs, and self paces very well. She is extremely affectionate, cat friendly and has basic obedience (clicker trained).

Pumpkin was adopted locally to a lovely family with several young children. Although Pumpkin likes kids and is very good with them, she is very food driven and has a very hard mouth when taking treats (we are working hard on training her to take treats more gently, but she is so food motivated and excited by food that this will likely be an area she will need continuing practice in impulse control and sotening her mouth).

As children are apt to do, the family’s smaller children frequently carried food around  and worse, many neighborhood kids were in and out of the home with minimal supervision. We all decided that it was in Pumpkin’s best interests to look for a home with older children or adults only. So with broken hearts, the family returned her to us.

Pumpkin is a lovely young adult. We believe that she is a Weimeraner mix. She is calm and loving, and somewhat reserved.  She loves walking and hiking, and paces herself fine. She is a perfect dog for someone who wants a young dog with an older dog’s energy level.

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.