Rosita was a frequent visitor to the feeding station we operate in front of the Revue office in town. We watched her go through several heat cycles, trying to take care of an unknown number of puppies. On her last heat, Terry managed to lure her into the office and trap her. She was spayed by Dr. Calderon, but while he was operating he noticed that Rosita had a huge hernia on her flank-clearly from a deep, hard blow of some sort.

Rosita stayed at Vet Pro for several months, first recuperating from her surgeries, and then waiting for us to have room for her on the mountain.

She was extremely hand shy and timie and shy in general, but over time at the vet clinic, she lost her fear and grew to trust people.

Rosita is a Chow mix, likely between two and three years old. She is a stunningly beautiful dog, with all the great looks of a Chow, combined with the tractibility of a more biddable dog.

She is extremely food motivated, and is easy to train. She loves people and gets along great with other dogs. Rosita loves people now. She needs a few minutes with new folks to add them to the “good” list in her head, but once she has added you, she is just as friendly and loving as can be.