Tessa and her three sisters were brought to us by a good samaritan who found them in an abandoned field. She had the mother spayed, and she is being cared for by a group of neighbors. The puppies needed proper homes before something happened to them. We brought them in on April 13, 2015, and the pups lived for almost two weeks amongst the cats in their areas as we were full up with puppies in the dog area and couldn’t risk mixing in unvaccinated puppies with our partially vaccinated pups. This group of four are supremely cat friendly because of this early experience! Once the older pups were placed, the newbies moved up to Dog Town to begin learning the ropes with their own species.

Tessa is a beautiful fawn short haired pup with white a blaze on her chest and black tinged face. She has heavy eyeliner around her expressive eyes, giving her a very exotic look. Tessa was born with a naturally docked tail which is quite short. She is sweet, affectionate, and very playful. She loves people, plays appropriately with the other dogs, and is coming along nicely with her training, already doing a nice automatic sit, a lured down, and hand target. She comes when called and is learning to walk on a leash. Her crate training is coming along nicely, too.