Sakura was thrown over our wall from a passing vehicle during a heavy rainstorm. We suppose that whoever did this was trying to dump her in a place that would take care of her. We suppose. Luckily for this little pup, she happened to land on the roof of one of our runs. Had she landed in the open area, the other dogs would likely have attacked her and injured or killed her. Groups of dogs don’t take kindly to new dogs falling from the sky into their midst.

Terry and John heard the frantic barking, came out in the downpour, and managed to eventually get the terrified, traumatized pup off the roof and with some shifting, into a dry run on her own.

During her spay, the vet discovered that Sakura was pregnant. She is now spayed and recovered and has settled in to the group at the center very well. She is a very sweet, affectionate dog, probably about a year old. She is beautiful, which cafe-au-lait colored medium length fur and perfect white teeth. She is full grown and weighs about 25 lbs.

Sakura loves the people and kids who she meets at the rescue, and gets along with all the dogs. She plays well with all the dogs, and loves to play with toys. However, she is fearful and very reactive to strangers (especially men), and she is reactive toward dogs on walks and on the street, as well as to bikes, joggers, and passersby when she is leashed. She is doing very well with her basic training and is not yet crate trained. We are working on her leash reactivity, but she has a ways to go in that area. We would love to find a local home for Sakura where there are not too many new people coming and going, and with a large and secure garden or yard. Owners experienced with herding-type or drivey dogs would be perfect for her.

Sakura tor a cruciate ligament playing in the play yard. This has been repaired, but she is still in rehabilitation. She will be ready for adoption again at the end of April, leash walks only until the end of June.


We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.