Nutella is one of four puppies that came in  to our mid-August spay and neuter clinic with their mother. They were brought with their mother, and were only about 5 weeks old at the time.

Nutella  is a darling brown and black puppy. She is the smallest of the four puppies by a long shot. She makes up for her tiny size with a giant personality.  She is sweet, friendly and very playful. She is doing really well in her training, and follows right along when off leash, walks nicely on leash, and has a lured sit, down, and hand target. She is now weaned.

Nutella’s front legs began to grow twisted and abnormal. We feared that she had  growth plate injuries that were not allowing the bones in her forearms to grow equally. She was seen and x-rayed by by our vet who found no abnormalities and who diagnosed her with lax ligaments. There is nothing to be done surgically for this, so we have occasionally bandaged her legs, and mostly simply waited, making sure that Nutella got plenty of rest interspersed with exercise and good nutrition and pain control when we thought she needed it.

Thankfully, her legs have straightened and appear to be growing normally now. She no longer has any sign of pain, and is running and playing with vim and vigor.