Murphy Flynn

Murphy arrived on August 7th from another group who were unable to treat him. He was seriously malnourished and thin, suffering from urine burns, and unable to stand without assistance.

We believed that Murphy suffered some kind of injury to his spinal cord and did many tests to try to figure this out. We believe that either Murphy’s mother had distemper during her puppies early development, or that he as afflicted and recovered. He he has recovered extremely well. He walks with a distinct lag in his gait, and can tip over, but he walks and runs without help, plays hard with other dogs and pups, loves his toys and loves life. Murphy has no idea that he has any disability and has the happiest, most easy going personality ever. He loves to ride in the car, and accompanies us on hikes and mountain walks.

He is the acknowledged Puppy Meister at the rescue, and is wonderful with all the pups and dogs. He loves to play with the puppies and is endlessly patient with them.

Murphy did not develop adult teeth, and so he eats softened food. We think he is just about the most perfect dog ever. Think about it. He doesn’t dig, doesn’t chew up your shoes, will never need dental work, and will never bite anyone! He doesn’t need long walks…

Murphy loves to curl up near you and adores to cuddle. He is extremely attuned to his people, and very obedient. Murphy needs a little boost to help get into the car, and a bit of help to get out. He slips a bit on hard floors, and is much more comfortable on carpet. He does stairs fine.

Murphy is now very healthy and in great shape. His coat is shiny and thick, and he is ready for the right family to come find him. Murphy loves kids, and does great with other dogs and cats.


We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.