Koji is adored by his family and lives a great life in the Bay area in California.

Adopted Name: Koji

Adopted: May, 2014


Apollo lives in the California Bay Area. He enjoys surfing, playing fetch and taking long walks with his people.

Adopted Name: Curry

Adopted: May, 2014


Sadie is one of a litter 8 tiny puppies we raised this spring. She was adopted by a wonderful family and lives on Bainbridge Island near Seattle.

Adopted: May, 2014


Jet black Kishi weighed less than two pounds when found on the side of the road. She was adopted in April, 2014

Adopted: Apr, 2014


Sweet Abbey and her sibling Ben were rehabilitated and adopted quickly. She lives with her family in the San Francisco bay area.

Adopted: Apr, 2014


Lana is a lovely hound mix puppy. She is adopted and living in the Bay area with a wonderful couple.

Adopted Name: Quincy

Adopted: Apr, 2014


Bobby is a young male poodle/terrier cross adopted by a lovely friend of a friend named Rebecca. He lives in downtown San Francisco.

Adopted: Feb, 2014


Paco was adopted by his rescuer and now lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Adopted: Feb, 2014


Ben is a sweet, kid-friendly pup who just loves to play and go for long walks. Adopted and living in Victoria, BC.

Adopted: Feb, 2014


Daisy is now known as Luna and lives in California with her pet parents.

Adopted Name: Luna

Adopted: Jan, 2014


Georgia was adopted by a couple in San Francisco and lives with an Australian Shepherd brother.

Adopted Name: Stella

Adopted: Jan, 2014


Charlotte is the third child of a wonderful family. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and enjoys the wall-to-wall carpeting in her new home

Adopted: Dec, 2013