Dulce (now Luna) was adopted by friends Jason and Alison and now lives in Bristol. She is a European lady now!

Adopted Name: Luna

Adopted: Jul, 2013


Eva is a medium sized Shepherd cross. Lucky Eva was adopted and calls the Wild Hog Winery in northern California home.

Adopted Name: Pepper

Adopted: Jun, 2013


Ellie was found on the street at about 6 months of age and was quickly adopted. She lives in San Francisco with her mom.

Adopted: Jun, 2013


Ninja was pulled from a rescue called AWARE and we sent her in adoption to Headin' Home Pet Rescue and placed in Michigan.

Adopted: Sep, 2013


Eddie was adopted in Guatemala by friend Stan. He lives on a beautiful farm with two good dog buddies.

Adopted: May, 2013


with his family and spends his days hanging on the sofa and stuffing as many tennis balls as he can into his mouth.

Adopted Name: Marty

Adopted: May, 2013


Ruby was adopted in Guatemala by Annie and spends her days enjoying long walks and couch lounging.

Adopted Name: Ruby

Adopted: Jul, 2012


After a knee surgery, Tanner is fully recovered and lives with his family in the Bay Area in California

Adopted: Dec, 2012


Moose was adopted by a wonderful family and lives in Nevada when not traveling the country in his custom camper.

Adopted: Dec, 2012


Camille is a well loved lady. She lives with her human kids in the Bay Area near San Francisco.

Adopted: Dec, 2012


Nikki was adopted by a family in Michigan.

Adopted: Nov, 2012


Midge had a pretty rough start, but after surviving a broken leg and venereal tumours, she was adopted locally and has a great life.

Adopted: Nov, 2012