Julia and three other pups, (likely siblings) were brought to one of our mobile sterilization clinics by a very poor family. The puppies were in poor shape, full of parasites and malnourished. Tessa brought them home to get them healthy enough to spay and neuter, and of course, the family did not want them back.

All four puppies have extremely lovely temperaments and are simply delightful pups.

Julia is stunningly beautiful white and golden yellow puppy. She has a half tail. It appears to have been cut when she was younger.  She is a lovely, gentle and sweet pup. Julia loves kids and people in general. She loves to play with toys and other puppies and dogs.

She is doing very well with her basic manners and behaviors and she is smart, food motivated, and loves training games.

Julia is now healthy, spayed, and finished her puppies series of vaccines. She is ready for a family of her own to come take her home.