Rainbow Bridge

Animals who are deceased


Sweet Balu is looking for you!


Queenie had a rough time before we got her. She lost her battle to skin and systemic issues and allergies. Her quality of life was very poor.


Our lovely Major crossed the rainbow bridge on September 17, 2020.

Xiao Chow

The first dog we brought in after forming Unidos, Chow was the best ambassador for his breed and for all dogs. He will always be king of our hearts

Lil’ Mouse

We lost Mouse after her spay surgery. She did not survive the post spay recovery.


Blackbird developed sepsis from her wound and we were unable to save her. She died at the vet's on May 27.


Lulu is a sweet dog who suffered a fractured pelvis. She'll have her leg amputated in early June and will be available for adoption once recovered


Canela's heart failed and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March, 2019 at 16 years of age.


Chico peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 22, 2019

Status: null


Roz is an aged female who came to us in June of 2018. She has a myriad of joint and pain problems we are managing with a cocktail of medications

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2018

Status: null


Geno tore his ACL and required surgery and a rehabilitation that was not doable given his extreme fear. We felt euthanasia was the kindest option.

Status: null