Rainbow Bridge

Animals who are deceased


Hazel crossed the bridge on February 8, 2017. RIP sweet girl.

Status: null


Belsey died January 25,2017 due to complications from a botched spay by an unknown vet.

Status: null

Jo Jo

We euthanized Jo Jo on Jan. 5, 2017 as he could no longer stand and was in severe pain.

Status: null

George Clooney

George crossed the bridge at the end of November. His quality of life had declined due to pain we couldn't control from his injuries.

Status: null


Chakra found his "home" with us after almost 14 years in a horrific facility. He had almost 2 happy years with us and died peacefully in his sleep.

Status: null


Sweet Mindy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 9, 2016. RIP little girl.

Status: null


Babo passed away in early June. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in Terry's arms. You are missed, sweet boy....

Status: null


Sweet old Somalia crossed the rainbow bridge at the end of September, 2020.


Lassie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 5th. She lived a long life, but not nearly long enough for us.

Status: null


Essie left us on November 16 after her kidneys failed her. Sweet, loving and uncomplaining to the end, we miss our smiley girl.

Status: null


Our sweet Milo crossed the rainbow bridge on January 25, 2021.


Suki passed away on June 20, 2015 of a combination of age and possibly internal damage from her surgeries.

Status: null