Tiffin is a sweet, friendly and beautiful pup, and is ready for a lucky family to adopt her.

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Vale is now fully recovered and living a life of luxury with her adoring family in the Virginia/DC area

Adopted Name: Val

Status: Rehabilitation

Adopted: Feb, 2018


Tulip will be tiny-she's 6 months and only 12 lbs. She is still leery of hands and needs patient handling

Adopted: Feb, 2018


Oreo is a big, beautiful neutered male with impeccable manners and a lovely temperament.

Adopted: Jan, 2018


Cute little Albert is almost 5 months old. He is available to meet in the San Francisco Bay Area

Adopted: Jan, 2018


Gabo is a sweet, mellow and affectionate 4.5 month old pup, available for adoption in the San Francisco Bay Area

Adopted Name: Rudy

Adopted: Jan, 2018


Aris (now Winston) is adopted in the San Francisco Bay Area

Adopted Name: Winston

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Mochi is a fabulous, sweet pup. He is now about 4.5 months old and in the Bay Area, ready to meet you

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Lizzie, now Pasha, was adopted right before Christmas and had a very happy holiday indeed!

Adopted Name: Pasha

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Eva is a tripawd, but this doesn't slow her down one bit! She found her perfect home in the Bay Area

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Connie is happily adopted and filling her new family's life with joy

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Sura is a sweet female with the best eyebrows and ears around.

Adopted: Dec, 2017