Pumbaa is just the sweetest, silliest and most loveable little pup around. Whoever adopts his is going to be very, very lucky!

Adopted Name: Dexter

Adopted: Dec, 2019


Nikki is a lovely 3.5 month old black lab mix (?) puppy. She is as sweet as she is pretty. Ready to adopt now!

Adopted Name: Niko

Adopted: Dec, 2019


Guinness is a fabulous little pup. He will be arriving in San Francisco the week of Nov. 4th, and ready for adoption.

Adopted: Dec, 2019


Maddie raised 4 beautiful puppies and now it's her turn for someone to care for her! She is a wonderful dog.

Adopted Name: Woozle

Adopted: Nov, 2019


Cora is a smaller Shepherd-type mixed breed. She is about 7-8 months old and sweet, smart and connected.

Adopted: Oct, 2019


Yala is one of 4 sweet female pups we have raised since 5 weeks of age. She is a beautiful, people loving, friendly little girl.

Adopted Name: Maya

Adopted: Oct, 2019


Timon is a super sweet, smaller pup, about 7 months old He is a delight in every way.

Adopted Name: Theo

Adopted: Oct, 2019


Torra is a sweet, people loving 4 month old puppy. She is friendly and very affectionate.

Adopted Name: Maddie

Adopted: Oct, 2019


Gemma is one of 4 sweet three month old puppies. She is a real beauty!

Adopted: Sep, 2019


Dembe is 4 months old. He'll be a smaller dog. He is lovely, quiet and gentle puppy. We think he will do best in a quieter home.

Adopted: Sep, 2019


Obi is an adorable pup, friends with everybody and every dog. He is adopted and lives in the Bay Area.

Adopted: Sep, 2019


Dana is a is a lovely, friendly girl who gets along great with other dogs and puppies and who adores people.

Adopted Name: Tally

Adopted: Sep, 2019