Archie is super cute and sweet with people. We are working on his leash reactivity toward other dogs before he will be ready to adopt.

Status: Adoption Pending

Adopted: Jun, 2019


Betty is 4 months old and a sweet, cuddly puppy. She is ready for a home of her own now.

Adopted Name: Luna

Adopted: Jun, 2019


Julia is a darling 4 month old female mixed breed. She is sweet and friendly and adores people.

Adopted Name: Leela

Adopted: Jun, 2019


Katy is the sweetest little 4 month old pup we know. She is looking for a fabulous home all her own!

Adopted Name: Pebbles

Adopted: Jun, 2019


Larry is about 4 months old. He is a super sweet, all around great pup, ready for an adventuring life with you!

Adopted Name: Coby

Adopted: Jun, 2019


Lucky Henry has been adopted locally by a most wonderful family!

Adopted: Jun, 2019

Little Bird

Little Bird was adopted by a lovely local family and is happily settled with them.

Adopted Name: Pajarita

Adopted: May, 2019


Noodle is eight months old and a fun, playful and sweet pup. She's a perfect family dog!

Adopted: May, 2019


Tigra is a gorgeous 8 month old, mid-sized Labby/houndy mix. She is a gentle, affectionate girl who is great with people.

Adopted: May, 2019


Francis is about a year old. He is a smaller-sized pup with a lovely, cuddly and calm personality.

Adopted Name: Jake

Adopted: Apr, 2019


Mango might have some Whippet in him-he's that fast and agile! This pup LOVES to play ball and would love an active home.

Adopted: Apr, 2019


Asha is a gorgeous, spicy lady who would love an active adopter with an outdoorsy lifestyle

Adopted: Jun, 2019