Hope (Canela)

Hope, a sweet and gentle girl, who was very lucky

Adopted Name: Dobby

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Theo, the 'ex-community-dog' that got adopted with his best friend

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Chavela's terrible head wound is now all healed and she is ready for her perfect family to adopt her.


Ava is about one year old, friendly and playful, and ready for her forever home in Guatemala

Henry Beans

Henry Beans lost a leg in an accident but is doing more than fine on 3. He is a fantastically fabulous dog.

Adopted Name: Frijolito

Adopted: May, 2020


Bob is absolutely adorable, 6 months old and is a spectacularly sweet puppy! This guy is fabulous!

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Brandy is a sweet young Cocker Spaniel mix, on trial adoption now within Guatemala

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Timber has been adopted locally by a lovely couple. She lives with Emma, her doggy sister

Adopted Name: Polly

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Luna is a wonderful dog, easy going and loving dog. She is adopted in Guatemala.

Adopted: Mar, 2020


Tux is a sweet, calm 3 year old with great manners, located in the Bay Area.

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Adria is a 10 month old dog, perfectly sized at 25 lbs. She is wonderful in every way!

Adopted Name: Suki

Adopted: Mar, 2020


Iggy is a fantastic little tri-paw available for adoption in San Francisco.

Adopted: Mar, 2020