Ria is a sweet, friendly, 5 month old puppy rescued in San Martin. She is petite and very pretty and will make some lucky family very happy

Adopted: May, 2018


Jasper is one of the sweetest, friendliest pups we've ever had!

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Poppy is an absolutely delicious chocolaty puppy with stunning pale green eyes. She is both beautiful and wonderful!

Adopted Name: Polly

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Roxy is a sweet, affectionate and very friendly pup

Adopted Name: Molly

Adopted: Apr, 2018


Rhina looks like a cross between a puppy and a deer. She runs and play with the grace of one.

Adopted Name: Stella

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Mancha is an adorably cute white and reddish spotted puppy. She is fun and friendly and a great young dog

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Canche and her sister Mancha are beautiful, sweet little pups, ready for adoption as soon as they are spayed.

Adopted Name: Sammy Waffles

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Oso is a fluffy little bear of a pup with a great personality and tons of charm. he and his 5 siblings are wonderful puppies!

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Tiffin is a sweet, friendly and beautiful pup, and is ready for a lucky family to adopt her.

Adopted: Mar, 2018


Vale is now fully recovered and living a life of luxury with her adoring family in the Virginia/DC area

Adopted Name: Val

Status: Rehabilitation

Adopted: Feb, 2018


Matilde is a sweet young hound mix. Her mother is our Tomassina.

Adopted: Jan, 2018


Tulip will be tiny-she's 6 months and only 12 lbs. She is still leery of hands and needs patient handling

Adopted: Feb, 2018