Babe is a sweet, friendly and adorably wrinkled little Shar Pei look mix. She is friendly and loves her people and her dog buddies!


This creamy beauty is a polite, gentle and very friendly young dog. She is about a year and a half old, and couldn't be nicer!

Adopted: Sep, 2017


Kesha had her badly fractured femur amputated on April 6th, and is now healed & available for adoption.

Adopted Name: Luna

Adopted: Aug, 2017


Betsy is a sweet, cuddle-bug of a puppy who can't wait to go home with you!


Tomasa is a small puppy with a big personality. This darling girl lives with an adoring family in the Bay Area

Adopted Name: Toto

Adopted: Sep, 2017


Watson lost the sight in one eye due to an infection. He sees just fine with one eye, and isn't slowed down at all.

Adopted Name: Mr. Boh

Adopted: Jul, 2017


Griffin is four and a half months old and a super smart, very affectionate and social pup. He is ready for adoption.

Adopted: Jul, 2017


Woody is an adorable little pup who loves kids and loves to play. He is ready for adoption now.


Wombat is the cutest little pup ever. She is friendly and sweet and of course was adopted soon after flying to the Bay Area

Adopted: Jul, 2017


Tiny Noah has really grown. She won't be a very big dog, but don't let that fool you! She has a big dog spirit in a little package.


Poppy is an absolutely adorable 3.5 month old pup, and she is all ready for her furever home.

Adopted: Aug, 2017


Billy is a sweet, happy-go-lucky 5 month old puppy.

Adopted: May, 2017