Campari was adopted locally in Guatemala and has a most wonderful family here

Adopted Name: Amalie

Adopted: Oct, 2018


Ceniza is a spectacular puppy. She is sweet, friendly and smart as can be. Plus, she is simply adorable.

Adopted Name: Roxie

Adopted: Oct, 2018


Asha is a survivor of the June 3 volcano eruption. She is a fabulous young dog in every way!

Adopted: Oct, 2018


Milagros is a miracle survivor puppy from Fuego's volcanic eruption. She has a lovely family patiently waiting for her.

Adopted: Sep, 2018


Pixie is an adorable four month old puppy looking for her family. She is sweet, friendly and an all-around wonderful girl!

Adopted Name: Roo

Adopted: Sep, 2018


Lava is a very sweet and friendly 4 month old pup, spayed and ready for her family to come find her.

Adopted: Sep, 2018


Lahar, renamed Lava, is adopted and living in San Diego with her awesome family

Adopted Name: Lava

Adopted: Sep, 2018


Tico is a fabulous young dog who loves people and loves to play. He is ready for an equally fabulous family to find him.

Adopted: Aug, 2018


Bigotes is a scruffy, adorable ball of puppy love. Don't wait to contact us if you are interested. She won't be available long!

Adopted Name: Poe

Adopted: Aug, 2018


Banjo is a 6 month old super-puppy! He is a great, well-rounded, social and happy dog with gravity-defying ears

Adopted Name: Theo

Adopted: Aug, 2018

Little Bug

Little Bug is now four months old and is one spectacularly great companion. The family who falls for her will be very, very lucky!

Adopted: Aug, 2018


Chito was adopted by a lovely family who spoils him shamelessly and lives in Oakland, CA

Adopted Name: Wylie

Adopted: Jul, 2018