Charlotte, now Indiana, is adopted and lives near her sister Booey in Maine

Adopted Name: Indy

Adopted: Nov, 2017


Toby is about a year old. He is a mid-sized Poodle mix, and is as friendly and playful as can be.


Jeff has been adopted by a wonderful couple in Guatemala. They are understandably smitten with this pup!

Adopted Name: Beau

Adopted: Oct, 2017


Cashew is truly the nicest, sweetest dog you will ever meet. Her foster mama failed her long-term foster and adopted this fab dog.

Adopted: Oct, 2017


Yoda is a sweet, scruffy black and tan pup, the smallest in her litter. She is looking for a furever home to love her

Adopted Name: Caya

Adopted: Nov, 2017


Babe is a sweet, friendly and adorably wrinkled little Shar Pei look mix. She is friendly and loves her people and her dog buddies!

Adopted: Sep, 2017


This creamy beauty is a polite, gentle and very friendly young dog. She is about a year and a half old, and couldn't be nicer!

Adopted: Sep, 2017


Kesha had her badly fractured femur amputated on April 6th, and is now healed & available for adoption.

Adopted Name: Luna

Adopted: Aug, 2017


Betsy is a sweet, cuddle-bug of a puppy who can't wait to go home with you!


Tomasa is a small puppy with a big personality. This darling girl lives with an adoring family in the Bay Area

Adopted Name: Toto

Adopted: Sep, 2017


Watson lost the sight in one eye due to an infection. He sees just fine with one eye, and isn't slowed down at all.

Adopted Name: Mr. Boh

Adopted: Jul, 2017


Griffin is four and a half months old and a super smart, very affectionate and social pup. He is ready for adoption.

Adopted: Jul, 2017