Cleo was adopted in Guatemala City by a dog trainer and she lives and adventures with 3 Lab sisters

Adopted Name: Maggie

Adopted: May, 2017


Grant is one of Kesha's five puppies. He is an adorable, friendly and playful fluffball. This puppy is a star!

Adopted Name: Sully

Status: Adoption Pending

Adopted: May, 2017


Bruno is a gorgeous, scruffy guy, maybe part Schnauzer. He is pretty perfect in size, personality, and looks!

Adopted: May, 2017


Baileys is dog and people reactive when out on walks. We are looking for a local adoption with a family with a large yard.

Adopted: Apr, 2017


Kiko is the Queen of play! She can convince any dog to play with her, and is pretty pleased to play with people, too!

Adopted: Sep, 2017


This gorgeous guy is about two years old and a perfect gentleman. Baxter is just a fabulous dog!

Adopted: Apr, 2017


Tomas is a terrier mix with a bold, energetic and outgoing style. He's 4 months old and in the Bay Area.

Adopted Name: Pippin

Adopted: Apr, 2017


Charley is a wonderful young puppy. He is extremely well socialized and loves kids, adults, puppies and big dogs.

Adopted: Mar, 2017


Chip is one of five siblings born to Kesha. He is an adorable, friendly and adventurous puppy, ready for adoption about the third week of March.

Adopted: Mar, 2017


Lotte is a smart, sweet, and friendly 4 month old pup. She will be available for adoption about the third week of March.

Adopted: Apr, 2017


Chiqui is a delightful, friendly and playful 3 month old pup. She is great with kids and lives happily with several cats and older dogs.

Adopted Name: Piper

Adopted: Mar, 2017


Miracle Mouse has been adopted by a wonderful family in the Bay Area.

Adopted Name: Luna

Adopted: Mar, 2017