Mandy is 4.5 months old. She is doing well in her training, and getting lots of love from her foster family.

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Nutella has been adopted in the SF Bay area.

Adopted Name: Lucy

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Spike is almost 4 months old. He is a fantastically sweet guy.

Adopted Name: Luke

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Pipo is an adorable 4.5 month old pup. We call him Pipo the hipo cuz he is a chunky little hunk of puppy love.

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Misha has been adopted in the SF Bay area

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Seyit wins the award for great ears and an equally great personality.

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Einstein now has a wonderful family to make his life complete.

Adopted Name: Beau

Adopted: Dec, 2017


Maxine (Booey) lives in Maine near her sister Indy. She loves the water and the snow!

Adopted Name: Booey

Adopted: Nov, 2017

Lil Mama

Lil Mama is a sweet, 4 month old pup. She is friendly and smart and ready for a home of her own.

Adopted Name: Daisy

Adopted: Nov, 2017


Dewey is a sweet short haired maybe-Lab mix. He is a super puppy, full of play and fun.

Adopted Name: Jack

Adopted: Nov, 2017


Eli is a sweet, friendly guy. He was rescued with his siblings from a coffee farm and he is ready for a family of his own

Adopted: Nov, 2017


Quill is one of a litter of five black and tan pups. He is sweet, friendly, and utterly adorable.

Adopted Name: Ozzie

Adopted: Nov, 2017