Maisey has recovered from a fractured femur and is ready for a wonderful home. She is currently located in Guatemala


Becca is a sweet puppy, about 2 months old and looking for her foreverhome in Guatemala.


Torie is growing, 4 months old now and ready for local adoption.


Ava is about one year old, friendly and playful, and ready for her forever home in Guatemala

Hope (Canela)

Hope, a sweet and gentle girl, who was very lucky

Adopted Name: Dobby

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Theo, the 'ex-community-dog' that got adopted with his best friend

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Indy is a 6 year old dog, super friendly, happy and great with other dogs and people

Adopted Name: Dulce


Tandoori is a sweet puppy, who is available for local adoption now.

Adopted Name: Barley

Henry Beans

Henry Beans lost a leg in an accident but is doing more than fine on 3. He is a fantastically fabulous dog.

Adopted Name: Frijolito

Adopted: May, 2020


Bob is absolutely adorable, 6 months old and is a spectacularly sweet puppy! This guy is fabulous!

Adopted Name: Loki

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Brandy is a sweet young Cocker Spaniel mix, on trial adoption now within Guatemala

Adopted: Apr, 2020


Timber has been adopted locally by a lovely couple. She lives with Emma, her doggy sister

Adopted Name: Luna

Adopted: Apr, 2020