Josie is about 5 months old and ready to be part of your family.

Adopted: May, 2021


Possum is a small, short haired dog, about 8 months old, located in the Bay Area

Adopted Name: Oskie

Adopted: Apr, 2021

Dapper Dan

6 months old and such a great puppy! This guy is simply fabulous!

Adopted Name: Dante

Adopted: Mar, 2021


Lazuli is a gorgeous dark brindle pup, smart and very affectionate. She is available for adoption in Guatemala

Adopted: Apr, 2021


Brinco is a sweet, older poodle. He is mostly blind due to cataracts, but gets around just fine


Sushi is a small senior Schnauzer mix. She is quiet and quite reserved, but gentle and friendly.

Adopted: Apr, 2021


Paco is the sweetest, most playful little pup around. He is located in the Bay Area and ready to meet you!

Adopted: Feb, 2021


Fran is a sweet, gentle lady looking for an equally lovely home.


Celeste is a sweet, friendly and cuddly 4 month old puppy, waiting for you!

Adopted Name: Cielo Celeste


Blue is a beautiful, clear-eyed brindle girl.

Adopted Name: Indy

Almond Joy

Sweet Almond is almost 4 months old and ready to adopt within Guatemala


Maisey has recovered from a fractured femur and is ready for a wonderful home. She is currently located in Guatemala