Guinness is a medium sized, sweet, friendly guy looking for a wonderful home in California


Brownie is a gorgeous, sweet Doberman puppy, 7 months old, available for adoption in Guatemala


Sandy is a small adult female. She is gentle, sweet, and easy going. Available to adopt in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Adopted Name: Ria

Adopted: Sep, 2022


Gizmo is a 10 month old pup who is smart, affectionate, gentle and very sweet. He is mid-sized at 40 lbs.

Adopted: Jun, 2022


Sherman is a fantastic cuddle bug who thrives in a consistent routine. He is located and available to adoptin Calgary, Canada

Adopted: Jun, 2022


Minoo is adopted and lives in Portland, Oregon with her mom and dog-brother

Adopted Name: Lupe

Adopted: Mar, 2022


Desi is a friendly, playful young female. She is medium sized and short coated, healthy, gentle and well behaved.

Adopted Name: Daisy

Adopted: Jun, 2022


Pepper is 5 months old. We think he will be on the larger size. He is sweet, friendly and a lovely young dog.

Adopted Name: Otis

Adopted: May, 2022

Mama Luna

Luna is a sweet, lovely female who loves people. She went on trial adoption on March 1


Lucy is a petit, 25 lb, 10 month old pup. She is sweet, beautiful and really just the total package!

Adopted: Apr, 2022


Jean is a 1 year old short haired medium sized dog. She is sweet and very friendly

Adopted: Apr, 2022


Billie is a sweet, smart, affectionate approximately 1 year old male dog, ready for a family of his own

Adopted Name: Olly

Adopted: Apr, 2022