Minoo is adopted and lives in Portland, Oregon with her mom and dog-brother

Adopted Name: Lupe

Adopted: Mar, 2022


Pepper is 5 months old. We think he will be on the larger size. He is sweet, friendly and a lovely young dog.

Adopted Name: Otis

Adopted: May, 2022


Lucy is a petit, 25 lb, 10 month old pup. She is sweet, beautiful and really just the total package!

Adopted: Apr, 2022


Jean is a 1 year old short haired medium sized dog. She is sweet and very friendly

Adopted: Apr, 2022


Billie is a sweet, smart, affectionate approximately 1 year old male dog, ready for a family of his own

Adopted Name: Olly

Adopted: Apr, 2022

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is the most handsome, lovely, friendly dog we have met in a long, long time!


Topaz is the sweetest little puppy. Friendly, playful, affectionate. She is truly wonderful and available to adopt in Guatemala

Adopted Name: Dyna


Shirin is a spectacularly sweet puppy. She is beautiful, smart and friendly.

Adopted: Sep, 2021


Reyka is an energetic, playful young adult Border Collie mix. She is smart and quick and lots of fun

Adopted: Oct, 2021


Oslo was picked up in the farms south of Antigua. He is a sweet, gentle soul and a wonderful family dog

Adopted: Aug, 2021


Zelda arrived in the Bay Area on June 1 and is ready for her home!

Adopted Name: Mila


Nikita is a darling young dog. She arrives in in the Bay Area on June 28 and needs immediate foster