Inka was found wandering in the streets of Antigua in pretty rough shape. She was thin, had recently given birth, and suffered from some skin conditions that caused her hair to fall out and her skin to turn leathery. Itchy and full of parasites, she wasn’t doing well on her own.

Her rescuer left her with our vet for treatment and spaying. On opening her up for her spay, our doctor found ovarian tumors, pyometra, and an old healed hernia (likely from a blow to her side). She also had extremely severe ear infections in both ears. Her tumors, the hernia and her infected uterus were removed during her spay,  her ears were deep cleaned and treatment begun,  and we brought Inka up to the rescue.

Inka was shy of people at first, but quickly blossomed into  a very sweet and loving dog. She is a happy soul, and barks with excitement with people come and visit.

She is easy going, very friendly and likes everyone, canine and human. She plays very appropriately with the puppies, and seems to really enjoy them. She is showing a playful side and loves brushing, petting, and cuddling in general.

Inka is probably between 4 and 5 years old. Her coat is growing back slowly, and is becoming shiny and soft. She is learning her obedience cues, and has a lovely “sit”, a hand target, and a down. She crates well, walks nicely on leash, and is not reactive. Inka loves her off leash romps, never strays far and comes right away when called. She rides great in the car, and would be a spectacular family dog.

If you are looking for a nice, easy going, friendly family dog, a best buddy, and a great copilot, then Inka is your girl.