Chico is a Sanctuary dog who will live out his life with us on the mountain.

Chico was found about eight years ago collapsed and almost dead in the street by a good samaritan who managed to get him to local veterinary clinic El Arca. The good doctors managed to save him, but he had nowhere to go. No one ever claimed him. Terry saw him at the clinic and lost her heart. He was a gentle giant who had obviously spent his life chained up and used as a guard dog, unable to interact with either people or other dogs. Because of this he had severe barrier aggression, and would never have been adopted for any better life. She decided that she would give him the better life he deserved as a loved family member and pet, and took him home.

Chico is huge. He weighs  a hundred pounds. When strangers approach his run, he still lunges at the fence and sounds like he would eat them for breakfast. But his secret is that he is actually the biggest pushover in the world. Open the door and go into his run and he just wants to lean into you and get pets. Or play tug. But be careful-he has a powerful tug and he might tug off your arm along with the toy! Chico lives in a large run with Molly, another much smaller sanctuary dog. That is his second secret; he is a pussycat, and Molly is the boss. Chico’s third secret is that he adores children. Put a kid anywhere near him and he opens his mouth in a dopey grin and rolls over for belly rubs.

Because Chico never had a chance to meet and play with other dogs when he was young, he is too rough and doesn’t have any social graces. New dogs are terrified of him because of his huge size.
He is wonderful with people, loves children, and is gentle as a lamb with them. We think that Chico is between ten and twelve years old. He is not available for adoption due to his size, age, and health issues. Chico would love a sponsor to help buy him toys and treats!

We are a small organization dedicated to helping dogs and cats in Antigua. We sterilize, rehabilite and find homes, and work with other rescue groups.