Web Sites

  • Eileen and Dogs -a terrific site for all people with dogs. Eileen is a gifted trainer, who writes thoughtful blogs on issues we all have with our dogs. She also posts great videos showing her training dogs, including problems and mistakes…this is an excellent resource.
  • iSpeakDog – Everything about understanding dogs in general, and your dog in particular.  One of the best sources of information around.
  • Training Positive – A great resource for articles and videos about positive based dog training. The tutorials are excellent.
  • Dogstar Daily-site by renowned trainer Ian Dunbar, full of great information for dog guardians.

Videos and Video Tutorials

  • If you are only going to watch or read one source on training, make it this one. Jean Donaldson’s brilliant video tutorial Train Your Dog Like a Pro is broken into different behaviors, so it is five classes in one. You get a world class trainer privately, in your home, teaching you all the basics! **If you are adopting a dog from us, your dog or puppy will already have a big head start on these behaviors, and this is the system we use to train them.
  • Training Positive – This YouTube channel has videos on all aspects of positive training.
  • – A collection of excellent training videos.
  • Why to use food to train? | Training Positive -Food works!
  • Kikopup –  Emily Larlham is a gifted trainer with a great series of video tutorials to help you train your dog positively.
  • How Fido Learns | Classical and Operant Conditioning – This video offers some tips on training theory.
  • Polite Leash Walking with high rate of reinforcement video tutorials (Helix Fairweather method), Video 1Video 2,  Video 3
  • Doggy Geeks University-Fantastic, affordable online courses from credentialed professional trainers and educators covering house-training, reactivity, dental care, basic manners, recall (for a meatball!), teenage dogs, and more.

So You are Adopting a Puppy!

Kids and Dogs: Information for Families

Kids and dogs. Magic, right? Well it can be.  But sometimes things go wrong. Did you know that 77% of dog bites come from the family dog or a friend’s dog? These numbers could be reduced dramatically with a tiny bit of education and preparation.

Before adding a canine member to your family (or adding a human little one to your canine crew), please take some time

The Family Dog has some really great videos for kids of all ages. Catchy tunes, memorable lyrics, and safety messages for children that will keep them and the dog safe and best friends.

Doggone Safe has some excellent resources to help your children become “dog detectives” and help them interpret a dog’s body language to decide whether or not the dog wants to interact. This site  also has great tips for preparing Fido for the arrival of a new little human family member.  Dogs need preparation for babies, too!

Dog Body Language

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Dog Decoder

Fear Free Pets Body Language Guide

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