This little dog is our newest member of the Cerro pack. Ronaldo went to pick her up yesterday. A neighbour called us and begged us to help. She had taken this dog in when it appeared loose in front of her gate. The dog belonged to her neighbour; a very cruel man who ties his dogs up and starves them. He physically abuses them as well. Our neighbour has tried to speak to him, to help his dogs, but he is not receptive. When this little one showed up temporarily loose, she brought her in, hid her, and called us. 
This dog has been treated very badly. She is young-perhaps 7 or 8 months old. She was thin, carrying lots of parasites, and with some skin issues, but her worst mistreatment was physical abuse.  Zuley has mad a remarkable recovery over the past few months. She has transformed into a sleek, happy, energetic young dog who runs like the wind and is always ready for a game of tug.